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Offer of Admission to San Francisco State University!!!!

By Patrice O'Garro
I'm not sure if I spoke about this before, but my goal was to attend a Cal State this upcoming fall semester.
Unlike many of my classmates, I didn't go straight to a university after high school. Instead, I decided to go through the community college route, which requires you to basically take all of your general education classes for two+ years, and then transfer on to a four year school.
What four year schools did I apply to?
So, I actually had an order as to what schools I wanted to attend:
1. San Francisco State University2. Sacramento State University3. Cal State Long Beach4. Cal State Northridge
The only reason I applied to just four schools was due to the fact that the program that I was in at my community college paid for up to four application fees lol. 
I honestly didn't expect to get accepted into any of the schools because I wasn't passing any of my classes last fall. Like, I literally failed all three classes. Why? Long story short, I was in the middle of two extremely unsafe situations that interfered with both my school and college lives. (These two situations led me to have to move to Louisiana)
So, I actually received a letter in the mail from SFSU(San Francisco State), offering me admission into their Women and Gender Studies program!! My first choice was their Fashion Design & Merchandising program, but because it's such an impacted major, I had to choose an alternative.
So, I did accept the offer and all I have to do now is turn in my transcripts, but I am honestly nervous due to my last three grades, but I am trying to keep a positive attitude. I'm honestly just blessed to be accepted, but if I can't attend this year, then I know forsure that I will be attending next year!!
Side Note: I was put on the waitlist for Sacramento State, but I missed the deadline to accept!! (ooopsss!!)

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