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Offending Mental Health – I Am A Crazy Bipolar

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

crazy 255x300 Offending Mental Health   I Am A Crazy Bipolar

I have a terrible habit of saying “I’m bipolar” or “Im the crazy women” instead of saying ” I suffer from a mental illness”.

I often wonder if my tone offends anyone? Do other mentally ill people find this frankness offensive?

I have fought hard to accept my illness and yes I use humor to deal with the awkward silences when discussing my mental illness to others.

I have found humor to be my safety net at times.

I would much rather say ” Don’t worry I won’t hurt you, I’m not that crazy” than have to stand looking at someone with their jaw dropped, when I explain I am bipolar and have 6 children for example.

I most certainly do not find bipolar or any mental illness a joke. But joking about it in the way I do takes away that pressure for me.

I reason if I can joke about myself, then it prevents anyone else being able to hurt me with words of judgment.

I have accepted that feeling ashamed, guilty or angry because I am a victim of  mental illness does nothing but cause me a life of misery. I stopped playing the victim a number of months ago and I really started to become a survivor, that decision has changed my life for the better.

I am proud to be the crazy bipolar women. Why should I not be? I have achieved so much despite my flaws.

Yes my illness does make me feel crazy at times.

So I will continue to refer to myself as crazy, a little odd and different (although I quite prefer the word unique)

Using humor brakes the ice for me

Does using words like “Im bipolar” or ” Im crazy” offend anyone? Or do you too use humor when it comes to your own mental health?

 Offending Mental Health   I Am A Crazy Bipolar

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