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Off-Topic: When Will The Slavemasters Listen?

By Sbc12 @strongbychoice

Have you ever thought about when Thanksgiving went from this?



To this?



Now we know that in America, Thanksgiving is coming up.  Traditional Thanksgiving was about giving thanks to God for His multiple blessings, great home-cooked meals, football, laughter, and getting food coma after the meal.



Since my laptop has given up the ghost, I can only see so much news in a day because most of the time I am focusing on personal development.

Tonight I log on to Facebook and I see the picture badge showcasing this statement (click on the picture to go to their Facebook page):


I share the page on my Timeline.  Then I started to think.

While I haven’t been brave enough to endure shopping on Thanksgiving, I honestly never thought about how the people who work on Thanksgiving. 

While I am a capitalist and believe in its tenets, I believe that businesses need to stay closed on Thanksgiving or Christmas (similar to the old Blue Laws).  The winter holidays need two focus points: God and family (a subject near and dear to my mother). If one doesn’t have family, at least allow the person to enjoy their day off .  The idea that corporations would do wise to grasp is people over profit than vice versa.



Now CEOs may say, “Wait, there is no way we are going to miss out on the biggest money-making week of the year?”

My response: “You hire the best advisors in the business and figure out a way to make profits and still build morale plus good will.”

Come to think about Black Friday doesn’t take companies out of the black and could this also be a marketing ploy?

I say to the corporations, “Treat your employees like family and you will have a strong and loyal workforce. Treat them like slaves and they will despise you. Besides, even Scrooge learned to listen, did not he not?



What are your thoughts on having people work on holidays?

Share your comments below.

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