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{Off To The Races With Swoozie's}

By Whimofthesouth
{Off To The Races With Swoozie's}

1. Personalized Shatter Proof Plastic Cups [$74.00 for a set of 50] Too Cold To Hold Drink Sleeve [$5.00 for 1] Gem Speaker- Giant Gem Speaker [$40.00 for 1] Back Me Up Mobile Charger [$30.00 for 1] Insulated Lilly Pulitzer Beach Cooler [$30.00 for 1] Lilly Pulitzer Lobstah Roll Sunglass Strap [$14.00 for 1] Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler [$16.00 for 1] 8. Scout - Tote All [$28.95 for 1]

Believe me when I say that these are totally necessary. Of course Carolina Cup has come and gone but next weekend is Foxfield and I am excited with a capital E! This is the group's second time going and we are thrilled. The weather is supposed to be awesome according to Wunderground and of course the day is all about making memories, Lilly, and loving life. That's a big deal! 

To make the day special, you need some necessities (listed above) because obviously everything Lilly, monogrammed, and that fabulous speaker system are just what you need on race day.

A cooler to keep your drinks cold, a speaker for the race day playlist, croakies to keep your sunnies where you can find them (around your neck obviously,) a portable charger for obvious reasons, and other great accessories to make the day more perfect and fun! 

Check out Swoozie's for all of your race day goodies! xoBCC

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