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"Off Day"

By Ipage @xquisite_curls

   Today has been an off day for my hair. It's been sooo dry all day, despite multiple moisture attempts. I did go food shopping earlier today, so I also picked up some olive oil, honey, Herbal Essence Hello Hydration! Conditioner, and some Eco Styler Olive Oil gel. If it sounds like you've heard others mention the last two products before, it's because you have. I came up with those products by watching YouTube videos and reading hair care forums. Let's see if it works for my hair.

   BUT, today is also an off day because I'm not writing a full blog post. Today is my 4th wedding anniversary (Holla!) and I do not want to spend much time online right now. Just wanted to check in :) So....ttyl!!

.....dammit. Just remembered that I didn't pick up more castor oil while at the store. Ugh. Oh well.

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