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My Product Search Continues..

By Ipage @xquisite_curls
   I have decided that I need to use something heavier than my oil mixture to seal my hair. It has been retaining moisture better than it had been at first, but it is still pretty dry and frizzy. Today I purchased some products by the Shea Moisture line. I've never used Shea Moisture Products for my hair before. These are the products (Along with Curly Kinky and Miss Jessie's) that I see mentioned the most on YouTube, hair blogs and forums. I went food shopping today and stopped at the beauty supply store next door to the supermarket, that I've only been to once or twice. You could have colored me surprised when I saw that they sold all of those natural hair product lines there. I've found my my hair spot :)
      I purchased the Curl Enhancing Smoothie and the Shea Butter infused with Coconut and Hibiscus oils. The Shea butter will replace my coconut oil/ olive oil/ Motions leave-in mixture that I was using for the O (oil) in the LOC (liquid/leave-in, oil, cream) method. I'm going to replace my Eco Style olive oil gel with the Curl Smoothie. I do like the Eco Style gel but I want more moisture and less stiffness.So that has got to go. I have this small section of my hair that just does not curl. It's kind of straight and frizzy. I'm not sure if it's just drier than the rest of my hair or a different texture. The gel did nothing to help so I'm hoping the Curl Smoothie helps with moisture and definition.
      I'm hoping these work like I hope they will. The other product lines keep increasing in price and I'm not trying to break the bank for my hair products. Shoot. I have two kids, two cats, and a husband. Hair products are not a priority in our budget. I'm going to try these products tonight and blog about the results tomorrow. Have you tried Shea Moisture products? How did you like them?

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