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Of Pinterest Projects and a Personal Challenge...

By Ziamisra
Guess what, I was looking at Merricks art (THE blog of blogs for sewing and other great DIY projects) and I found this great idea of trying to personally execute 6 of your favorite DIYs from pinterest...I am choosing some of the simpler ones but hey, a girls gotta start someplace!!

So over the few coming weeks, I will try and put up posts of how I have fared on these projects...wish me luck ladies!1. Flip flop refashion: What a great fun DIY this is:) and I have the perfect pair I want to play with!2. Leopard nails: I think this is such a stylish and chic nail art tutorial - looks fairly simple...(hmm)3. T shirt sleeve refashion: A great way to add a delicious touch of cuteness to your old T shirt or sweat shirt...can't think of any full sleeved shirt I want to try this on but lets see!4. Painted heart bag: I am sure I will be doing this on a T shirt because this is too good an idea to be just done on a bag! :D5. Repurpose small shirts into cardigans: This one is an absolute win-win if done right however I am sure mine will never turn out great but that's what DIY's are for...practice6. And the last but not the least -A little re-organising- Another great DIY to help organize things around the house....I have a couple of drawers I want to target for sure!

Of pinterest projects and a personal challenge...Wish me luck & Happy week to all my readers!!!XXO!

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