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Of Course Lady GaGa Uses a 24kt Gold Wheelchair

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

In July of 2011 Lady Gaga performed outraged the disability group. She apparently used a wheelchair prop in one of her concerts at the Sydney Town Hall. Today her gold wheelchair is no prop. She is definitely out of commission for a while.

Not everyone can afford to recover surrounded by 24Kt plated gold. Leave it to Lady Gaga to be the one that shows everyone how to recuperate in luxury. A regular wheelchair with aluminum or steel frames is not what Lady Gaga wanted to help her recover from her hip injury.

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The chair was apparently designed by Ken. Ken is responsible for creating masterpieces for quite a few celebrities including Cher Lloyd and Kanye West.

The 24kt gold plated wheelchair has lots of amenities that are fit for a queen. Aside from being completely trimmed in gold, the padded parts of the wheelchair are covered in pure black calf leather. It has a detachable canopy, which Lady Gaga can remove or replace as the weather permits.

The wheelchair can recline to a lying position, at 180 degrees. The rims for the wheels were custom ordered from Los Angeles. Dallas Texas is responsible for the gold finishing, and Wisconsin gets credit for the assembly. Ken was able to complete this project for Lady Gage in one week.

Lady Gaga is no stranger to good taste, weird fashion and unique props. Her 24kt gold plated wheelchair continues to reveal for fashionable side. Regardless of how bleak a situation appears, leave it to Lady Gaga to bring out the best.

She is able to gain and hold attention even in her hospital room and in the public view. Lady Gaga is a definitely a fashion and drama queen. So, quite naturally she should have a wheelchair that is fit for a queen.

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