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October Memoir Challenge — Wrap Up Post

By Joyweesemoll @joyweesemoll

I really enjoyed this year’s October Memoir Challenge hosted by Jane Ann McLachlan. The themes kicked up a lot of creative energy for me. Although, I must admit that some of the themes, particular the one about Secrets, inspired pieces that were more essay than memoir.

I was intrigued by the discussion that sprang forth on my blog for Mother and Me, Age 23, a time in life for taking big steps toward independence (when all goes well). I was surprised by the Facebook conversation that popped up about my Shallow Roots post. I wasn’t surprised at all that the most loved photo was the one of tiny me in my saddle shoes with the black cat so I pasted it again below. I loved that my brother and my cousins helped me identify all the people in the photo of my mother and her siblings when she was six years old: Mother and Me, Age 6 – a collaboration made possible by Facebook!

I’m posting a table of contents, today, of all of my memoir posts in case you missed any of them.

photo of little girl and black cat, circa 1965

Me with Jupiter, our first cat. I’m probably about three here. Aren’t the tiny saddle shoes precious?

First week’s theme, Childhood:

  • Pets
  • Birthdays
  • Costumes

Second week’s theme, Relationships:

  • Mother and Me, Age 6
  • Mother and Me, Age 23
  • Mother and Me, Age 48

Third week’s theme, Secrets:

  • Not My Secret
  • Secretive Art
  • Secrets Revealed

Fourth week’s theme, Roots and Wings:

  • Family Vacations
  • Shallow Roots
  • Turning Toward Travel
Three children and a pony

Dale, VK, Joy, and Star (the pony)

Fifth week’s theme, Gratitude and Regrets:

  • Childhood Abroad (Not)
  • Career Steps and Mis-steps
  • A New Road

Did you have a favorite among these memoir pieces? That would help me know what to post more of in the future — thanks!

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