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Ocean Helps Writers Achieve Quality, Not Quantity.

By Lizmckeown1955 @WritersBoost
Ocean Helps Writers Achieve Quality, Quantity.
I have been down the self-publishing road more than once. Nearly all companies just charge you a fee, put your book on their website, Amazon, Books a Million and other distributors; and then, you're on your own. Cover art is expensive. You can go to sites that offer stock art for your cover, but such clip art can look corny. Then, if you have some typos in your book or left a stray word in your manuscript, it is there for all to see. And most customer reviewers are not very forgiving. In other words, it's very easy to throw away your money and your reputation.
Ocean Reeve who worked in television before getting into publishing, believes that authors' books need to be up to  booksellers' and library standards before release. Ocean is not just a publisher, but also a book mentor. He even offers ways of promoting your book on his website before you even make a commitment to publish with him.
Among those he has helped is famed Star Trek actor William Shatner, editing one of his books for publication.Although he never met the Captain Kirk star, Reeve said he liked working with amateurs more."Working with celebrities has been great for my career, but I'll tell you what, You do a family history or an autobiography for an unknown, and that relationship you cannot trade. It's priceless...They're friends for life."Hear more about Ocean's mentoring in this video: visit his website at:

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