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Obviously I Parked Like a Jerk

By Advsinwtloss @advsinwtloss
I don't know what it is lately. For the last two months I have had to instances where I have parked too far to the  left and as a result someone couldn't get in their driver's seat because the driver's door wouldn't open enough. I hate it when that happens to anyone. I'm usually pretty careful how I park. However, the two times that has happened I was in a hurry. I know that's no excuse. Last time this happened I was at my last job and the person who couldn't get in was my very jovial co-worker, who I consider an outside of work friend, who was nice enough to wait for me to get out of work to get in her vehicle. She got out of work thirty minutes before I did. She's an awesome person.
Today at my new job I parked a little more to the left than I should have. I had no problem exiting the vehicle. However, when I came out to leave I had to climb over the seat to get in to the driver's seat. That's something I couldn't do a while ago, but I have lost enough weight that I can:-) Thank god we have an SUV so it's big enough that I could kinda stand (with my back to the ceiling) in it and walk across the seats. It's not something you want to do but I actually enjoyed it because I was really amazed how well I could maneuver and squeeze in.
It's the little things;-)

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