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Observing “Africa Time” . . .

By Naomiestment @naomiestment

Game Lodge at Welgevonden Private Game Reserve

According to Wikipedia, “African Time (or Africa Time) is a colloquial term used to describe a perceived cultural tendency, in most parts of Africa, toward a more relaxed attitude to time. This is sometimes used in a pejorative sense, about tardiness . . . also . . . the more leisurely, relaxed and less rigorously scheduled lifestyle . . .”, etc. Well, it’s never more apparent than on safari – in the best way imaginable.

We had the renewed pleasure of this privilege recently, invited by Dave’s brother Mike and his lovely wife Lisa to Welgevonden Private Game Reserve.

Some time was spent loitering on the porch, watching zebra and other wildlife at the nearby waterhole.

Zebra group

Zebra at a waterhole - Welgevonden Game Reserve, SA

But cheetah were the star attraction of this particular trip. These elusive cats treated us to no less than three spectacular sightings in as many days. This was the first, perfectly positioned at golden hour:

Cheetah at golden hour

Cheetah soaking up the sunset - Welgevonden Game Reserve, SA

. . . and another, captured beautifully by Dave not far from the lodge:

Silhouette of a cheetah

Cheetah silhouette - Welgevonden Game Reserve, South Africa

In between, we lazed around some more and were spoilt beyond words with mouth-watering food.

Game lodge snacks

Safari sundowner snacks - Welgevonden Game Reserve, SA

Oh, and of course, we drank sundowners


Sundowner on Safari

Sundowner on safari - Welgevonden Private Game Reserve, SA

The game drives didn’t disappoint, as you can see from another of Dave’s masterful shots:

Male Waterbuck

Waterbuck ram - Welgevonden Game Reserve, South Africa

Part of the magic was in the delicious interludes, like this one for coffee and freshly baked muffins,

Welgevonden dam

Drinks stop at a dam - Welgevonden Game Reserve, South Africa

while magnificent game viewing waited around the corner.

Elephant at Welgevonden Game Reserve

African Elephant - Welgevonden Game Reserve, South Africa

Then it was back to the verandah for more relaxation, if we could possibly contain it -

Game Lodge Vista

Vista from a verandah - Welgevonden Game Reserve, SA

as we breathed in another African sunset,

Sunset at Welgevonden Game Reserve

African sunset - Welgevonden Private Game Reserve, SA

before hearing the murmur of luxury calling.

Safari bedroom

Private Suite - Welgevonden Game Reserve, South Africa

We’re happily home again, with Africa Time humming in our bones, just the way we love it.

If you’ve never experienced this, our wish is that you will, at least vicariously, as it’s simply too special not to share. So in that spirit, you’re welcome to browse my Facebook album, featuring more wildlife photography, here: Welgevonden – April 2012


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