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Obama’s Slight Lead In Swing States

Posted on the 27 September 2012 by Anthonyhymes @TheWrongWing

The election is as close as bunks on a battleship, and new polls come out every minute to measure the progress. Some micro-trends are emerging, aligning themselves along a greater plain that points towards a primary direction: victory for President Obama. 

The latest polls show Obama’s edge increasing in such swing states as Florida and Ohio. No Republican who has lost Ohio has won the presidency, and therefore, Romney has been kicked into high spending gear to stem the waning support.

His most powerful opponent, it seems, is himself. The infamous 47% comment has eroded the image he has worked to construct that he is fighting for all Americans. In fact, he is clearly fighting for rich Americans. His new advertising campaign tries to portray himself as more sympathetic, and working for middle class families. But the damage has been done.

In Florida, as we have repeatedly written, the selection of Paul Ryan and his radical budget plan to eliminate Medicare has made for an uphill battle for Romney, who can’t seem to present any other ideas to counter the Ryan Budget.

Both of these states are winnable for Team Romney, but they must walk a thin line between attacking Obama too much and refocusing the image that most people have of Romney. Team Romney is betting that voters are only just tuning in now to election coverage, but the fact is, they are tuning it out. This campaign has been going on for so long that no one wants to hear another political message. Advertising has numbed the American people.


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