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By Vitadimoda @Maria_Litizia
It's Finally Upon Us!!
Yes, it's finally here - New York Fashion Week has officially landed.
Journalists, Bloggers, Magazine Editors, Buyers, Fashion followers and even a few Celebrities will have crammed their schedules with show dates and times so that they don't miss out on a single moment over the coming week.
The check lists are being ticked off with the essentials that are going to become our next new BFF's - Caffeine being the primary one next to our trusty blogs and Twitter!
So if you're wanting to keep up with more than 300 designers showcasing their Fall 2012 Collections, why not add the shows to your Facebook events through the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Page and you'll be guarantee'd to keep up to date with all of the goings on in New York.

Personally, I'll be impatiently awaiting Vera Wang's collection on the 14th, but I want to hear about the shows that you lot are anticipating - Be sure to let me know!

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