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Nut Cake

By Jessicatacismd
Nut Cake



250 gr brown sugar250 gr semolina (fine)200 gr nut (mince)200 gr margarine130 gr self raising flour200 gr raisins5 eggs2 teaspoon baking soda1/2 teaspoon cinnamon1/2 teaspoon carnation (garifallo)1/2 small glass brandy


200 gr teaspoon brown sugar2 cups waterOrange skin


  1. Stir in the mixer the sugar together with the egg until mixture start becoming curdle then add (stirring well) the margarine, the semolina, the self raising flour, the minced nuts, raisins, the cinnamon, the garigallo, and the baking powder (diluted in the brandy).
  2. Transfer the mixture in a pan in where previous applied with butter and flour.
  3. Bake in a medium temperature oven (180 C) for 35-35 minutes.
  4. For the syrup, boil first the water with brown sugar and then add the orange skin and let it boil for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Remove the nut cake from the oven. When it will become cold (not completely) remove it from the pan and splash it with the hot syrup.

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