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Nurturing The Student Car: A Family Affair

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Car costs are undoubtedly a significant burden amongst families, even more so considering the financial challenges facing young adults. The estimated cost of acquiring a license totals £1400 which assumes only an average number of lessons and a first time pass rate. First hand insurance for young drivers is a four figure cost and first cars are normally older cars which aside from their initial price tag, tend to break down regularly, adding to the family motoring bill.

My first car was a Toyota Corolla 1992; I acquired it in 2008 before setting off on my university quest to become an academic genius and party prodigy. It was essential to make the journey cross country with my belongings intact and served me wonderfully on late night trips to the university library and local sports center. Despite the cars 21 year old age, I still drive it to work today.

Cited by some mechanics as a miracle car, I concurred with their assessment as it has yet to make a peep from the engine signalling any discontent. Whilst numerous wing mirrors have been replaced and a multiple parking tickets have been slapped on the windscreen it has never faulted mechanically. Such a blessing has prevented me forking out a fortune on top of the student debt mountain and provided me with an easier motoring lifestyle which young adults rarely enjoy.

So what is my advice to nurture the student car? Firstly consider cars as people, who wish to be treated lovingly with care, secondly follow these tips.

Car Mechanics,

Older vehicles have a greater engine consumption requiring regular oil changes and maintenance checks. 10:40 oil is the most effective for older vehicles but it is worth cross referencing the vehicle handbook in case a preferred oil is included. Washer and brake fluid should be topped up and tyres inflated to the appropriate PSI which your local dealership can provide if not already featured in the vehicles handbook.

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Car Performance,

The cars performance relates to acceleration, braking, steering and control. Common problems include the vehicle pulling to the left and worn down brake pads for slower braking. These problems should be addressed immediately with a garage as they worsen if left untouched. Check all the warning lights on your car are working effectively by pressing the hazard button to light up the dashboard.

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Car Nurturing,

The stylish ways to drive are not so stylish for the garage bill. Violent stopping, irregularly gear changes and burning the accelerator pedal wear down a car and increase repair and maintenance costs. A specialist car service from the manufacturer’s garage is likely to identify any problems however minor and keep the vehicle in top care.

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Author Bio – Article written by James Barnett on behalf of Pannone Motoring, specialist Driving Offence Solicitors throughout the UK.

 Nurturing The Student Car: A Family Affair

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