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Nugget: Premature Reconciliation.

By Amperkins @How2getmyexbac1

Nugget: Premature Reconciliation.
What it means: When a guy or gal is trying to win back the affectionsof their ex...many times they start to make headway...but then go too farwhen the ex shows signs of reattachment.
For example...Tom calls Sally and they set up a little coffee talk...and it goeswell...BUT rather than leaving after 20 minutes or so...Tom continuesand tries to move forward too fast.
And even if Sally brings up getting back together first...Tom's responseshould NOT be YIPEE! 
He'd be much better off staying calm and saying something like..."Let's take it slow and see how it goes."
Women I email and talk with...often make the mistake of'sleeping with their ex' too soon. (classic Premature Reconciliation)
Okay Ladies, This is GREAT Advice!!!

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