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Nude Lips Feat. YSL & Revlon

By Hhepton

NUDE with YSL & Revlon NUDE with YSL & Revlon NUDE with YSL & Revlon NUDE with YSL & Revlon NUDE with YSL & RevlonI am seriously unfaithful when it comes to lipstick; one day I want barbie pink, the next day I want movie siren red, then it’s all about the nude. More often than not though, I do finding myself reaching for a nude lipstick or lipgloss, merely because it’s so easy to maintain throughout the day! Finding the perfect nude when you’re pale can be a little tricky, as a lot of the time the brown tones don’t work and you need something a little more pink. Well that’s the problem I had anyway, but with these two products from YSL and Revlon I think I’ve hit the nude nail straight on the head.

Although from total opposite ends of the price scale, these two are actually quite similar in color. The YSL is Rouge Volupte in shade 1, and the lipgloss is Revlon Super Lustrous 215 / Super Natural, and they are both a very pale peachy pink that looks extremely natural even with my fair skin. The Revlon is probably a little darker than the YSL, but as it’s a gloss you can’t really tell. If it was a lipstick I’m positive it would be darker though! I think that these are two of my most favorite lip products I own and both for different reasons. I bought the YSL Rouge Volupte after seeing ChelseaWears use it in one of her get ready with me videos and knew I had to have it as a treat to myself when I came into some extra money. At £25 it does seem a lot to spend on one lipstick, but to find the perfect nude I could wear daily I thought it was worth it. It sure was! I feel like a princess when I use this lipstick, as sad as that sounds. The gold packaging is right up my street (what can I say, I have expensive taste!), and the creamy texture makes the lipstick glide onto your lips so nicely. The only thing I will say is that if you have chapped lips, sadly this will definitely show any flaky patches, so get exfoliating those lips! The Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss is one of my favourites purely because of how totally natural it looks on the lips. I’ve just read Alexa Chung’s book It and in there she says that lips should always look kissable, and that’s exactly what this lipgloss does. It adds just a slight hint of colour, think of that old cliche your lips look better, and just the right amount of gloss to make them look pouty and fabulous. I love it, and this is the one I reach for most days when doing a ‘no makeup, makeup’ look.

Both of these together? The ultime nude lip combo. What’s your favorite nude lipstick? Would you splash out on a YSL lipstick, or is it too much? Let me know what you think in the comments! :)


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