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Notifiable Infections to Be Avoided at Any Cost

Posted on the 05 June 2014 by Health_news

Infections to be avoided at any cost

Awareness about health and well being is ensuring people’s ability to avoid as many infections as possible. There are certain infections which should be avoided at any cost lest it escalates into a serious health matter. There are rules to be followed that can help in avoiding these infections to a great extent. For instance, before entering a swimming pool, taking a shower is necessary. This is to avoid any germs from your body to enter the pool and taking other people enjoying the pool in its grip. A refreshing shower after using pool is equally necessary to wash away chlorine that is added to the pool.

  • Yeast Infections-This is one of the most common types of infection and a large number of people suffer from them once in a while. There is nothing to get embarrassed with this situation as it can be treated easily using prescription pills. In order to avoid getting infected from yeast infections, one must stay away from foods containing simple sugars, refined sugars, grains and more as these food products promotes the growth of yeast increasing the probability of people getting infected.
  • Avoiding Public Loos-The loos are the most common places where the chances of catching an infection are quite high. Dirty toilet seats, door jambs and other surfaces are teaming with germs of different varieties and as soon as any part of the human body comes in contact with these surfaces, the probability of catching infection increases. If it is not possible to avoid using public loos, it is better to do your business while squatting or carry pee spray which can be used to sanitize the toilet seats.
  • Avoid sharing personal things-Though, sharing is considered as good for close bonding, it is not advisable when it comes to personal effects like a toothbrush, shaving brush, razor, towel and undergarments. These are something quite personal and should not be shared with anyone. Also, these things should be replaced with new ones after every three months. These days, dentists recommend keeping toothbrushes without their cover. This is because if there are any germs on the brush, they are bound to multiply under anaerobic conditions provided by the cover.
  • Avoiding public showers-Many people prefer showering at public showers after gymming to avoid the discomfort of sweat for a long time. Public showers are not necessarily the cleanest places, especially for men who can catch infections readily through their genitals. It is very difficult to keep shower stalls clean as the traffic coming towards these stalls is quite high and no amount of attentiveness of the cleaning staff can limit this problem.
  • Mildews and mold-Public bathrooms that have damp places may prove to be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. If any corner of the bathroom is not cleaned in a proper way, the chance of fungi in this area increases considerably.

It is very important to avoid catching infections from such obvious places and for this purpose, one must be very careful about personal hygiene.

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