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Notable Women In American History

Posted on the 26 April 2013 by Itszappy @itszappy
A list of women who have made notable contributions to America's development.
Anne Hutchison---Created antimonism. Was banned from her colony in MA in 1630's for her views in NY.
Abigail Adams--wife of John Adams and John Quincy Adams. She was a political activist for women's rights and had political influence over her husband.
Phyllis Wheatly--former slave who wrote poetry.
Abigail Pitcher---brought water to fallen contintal soldiers.
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton--first US patron saint. Parochial education founded in MA.
Elizabeth Clovis Lange---founded the Oblate Sisters of Providence, the first black Catholic order in the US
Sojourner Truth (1797-1893) Preachaer that raised money for abolition of slavery and women's rights. Helped black Union soldiers.
Dorothea Dix 1802-1887) Nurse that advocated for improved conditions in asylums, prisons, and poorhouses.
Harriet Beecher Stowe--Wrote Uncle Tom's Cabins, an antislavery novel that enraged the north for the conditions and the south for what they called exagerations.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton--A friend of Susan B. Anthony, she fought for women's suffrage when the 14th and 15th amendment to address women's rights. She helped organize the convention at Seneca Falls in 1848. There, in NY she read her Declaration of Sentiment, which listed the discrimination of women, and adopted an 11 step resolution. This document was signed by 68 women and 32 men out of around 300.
Susan B. Anthony---A Quaker, she fought for women's suffrage. She believed that men and women were equal. Inspired nation-wide suffrage movement. Friend of Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
Lucy Stone---She was the first woman in MA to earn a college degree.  Advocated equality and abolition.
Julia Ward Howe---Wrote "Battle Hymn of the Republic", and helped form National American Women Suffrage Association.
Harriet Tubman--She helped run the Underground Railway, freeing more than 300 slaves. She also helped union soldiers in SC.
Elizabeth Blackwell---the first female doctor. She recieved her degree in Geneva in 1849. Trained women in medicine.
Mary Baker Eddy----Founded Church of Christ, Scientist.
Mary Walton---Manhattan inventor, helped reduce emissions and noise emaluation.
Louisa May Alcott---Little Women!!!!!!!!!!!
Annie Oakley---a great shot of the West.
Jane Addams---started the Hull House, she was famous for helping disadvantaged people. In 1931 she shared the Nobel Peace Prize.
Nellie Bly---often went as a undercover journalist, sided with the poor people. She exposed corruption and abuse in mental hospitals.
Emily Greene Balch---In 1947 won the Nobel Peace Prize. Founded Women's International League of Peace and Freedom. Advocated for peace in WWI and WWII.
Anne Sullivan---friend and teacher of Helen Keller.
Margaret Sanger---advocated family planning and contraception.
Jeanette Rankin---first woman ever elected in Congress. One of the few to vote no on WWI and WWII.
Frances Perkins--first woman in the US Cabinet. She was an important component of FDR's New Deal as Secretary of Labor.
Eleanor Roosevelt---US Rep to UN, wife of FDR, Democrat, fought for racial equality.

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