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Not Much of a Post, but We're Still Here!

By Aynetal3 @aynetal3

Not Much of a post, but we're still here!
Thursday, March 21, 2013 @ 5:15 am
Good morning!  As noted, we are getting closer and closer to the move and we figured there was just enough time to get one more scribble down.  MAYBE there is the possibility of writing one more time (Sunday) before the move, but I don’t see it happening quite yet.  The last entry we wrote was about 9 days ago … well that not counting the one we just posted of the schedule.  We told Nikki that she far exceeded any kind of comments we could have hoped for when she said HOLY SHI% LOLOL..  It was about the nicest thing anyone has ever told me!
Oh Lord how did I get here?  Basically we were looking at Etsy for a welcome to our home sign and we came up with this idea … and figured instead of paying for it, we could create a quilt by ourselves J
Rich & Ann's
Established 2013
(the FIRST 20 years were a warm-up)
And they livedHappily forEver and ever!
*Giggling and giggling*
OK, not sure how we got from one space to another, but we’re thinking we are going VERY slow on the writing part.  Hmm, shoot, forgot … we are going to Dr. Marvin’s soon today.  It’s 7:12 am and we have to leave at 9:15 – so two hours.  Might as well get my shower and get dressed now while we’re up … just making another cup of coffee.  We were pretty much busted.  Rich somehow knew that we’d gotten up around 3 am.  He said he can tell either by how much coffee we drank, or by how many emails we sent him….  Smart-aleck!
Ok, good-good.  Shower is done and we’ve ate some bologna and cheese for breakfast … we’re out of milk.  We can get by J
Rich has since waken-up and he’s in the kitchen working.  I think that the job got ahead of him yesterday in that we heard him talking between the customer and the shop and there were mistakes made both ways that is really Rich’s job to stay on-top of.  Things should be fine, but it is causing him to work this morning with not much of a warm-up. 

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