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Not Enough Minutes in the Day!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hi guys! I’ve missed all of you.

I promise I’ll be stopping by your blogs soon!


So for the last couple days my plate is just insanely full. I work as a printer during the day at my Dad’s printing company. I do graphic design for him. I’ve also started my own little blog design business which has really taken off. I’ve done 5 people’s blogs and I’m working on 4 more. I’m a high school basketball coach and we’re in the middle of open gyms and summer league basketball tournaments right now and I’m trying to stick to all my clean eating/fitness. Oh yeah… hello I’m a blogger!

I love everything. My life is 9 ways of awesome right now. I’m making everything fit everyday.  But needless to say my plate is definitely buffet style stuffed right now. You know… the mountain of food!

I’ve been double and triple booked for so many things because I like to say YES to EVERYTHING. I hate saying no. Anyways, I haven’t had a minute to sit down and blog until now.

Since I’m note even sure what’s on my camera (the last 36 hrs have been a whirl wind and I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast today) I think I’ll just post them in exactly the same order as they are on my SD card.

Sound Zany and Fun?

photo (1)





Holy delicious… last night’s dinner. Adult-style Chicken Nuggets! I swear recipe coming soon.





I got up from my desk this morning and when I came back my Dad had eaten my entire muffin top!

The horror.



Curried tuna salad sammie.


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