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Not Dealing with It

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

I’ve dealt with the tummy troubles pretty well up until now. I guess I just sort of, hit a wall with the whole situation.

I’ve been drinking Trainer Kjirsten’s flax drink…


2 TBSP milled flax seeds and cranberry juice…

I’ve been eating nothing but soup and other liquids.


And I spent the entire day in my pajamas.


Yep… what a life.

I’ve felt better today because I haven’t done any activity. Just sitting in our recliner all day. While sitting the day away I researched my Tummy issues and have come to a few conclusions (though I still have no idea what is really going on).

  1. My intestines and stomach becomes unhappy after running because the body diverts blood flow from the digestive system during physical activity, which can agitate any pre-existing condition (whatever that might be).
  2. My symptoms don’t really match anything I’ve looked at yet
  3. This might be related to the Clostridium Dificile I had last year around this time as a side effect from taking antibiotics.

I’m praying the flax drink helps. I’m also trying to clean out my system. Eating is looking more and more unappealing. I’m thinking I might actually need to see a doctor but I’ll be gone on vacation all next week. I just want to feel normal for vacation then deal with it more when I get back.

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