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Not a Dog in Sight

By Shawnaschuh
Happy Dog

Rolled through the casino dragging my bags through people, coming and going, some with convention badges, some in evening clothes (it’s the morning) and some in casino uniforms.


Watching people is truly a fascinating pastime – and all the shapes, sizes, ages, apparel – only in Vegas or an airport do you see this much diversity in people, language, energy.


And there’s not a dog in sight – nor a horse, cat, goat or goose – things I regularly see out my window or at the end of my hand.


It makes me realize how much the energy of animals’ impacts how I behave.


Loved by my dogs – their happiness in my arrival is sure to bring a smile and joy. A ninny or squawk also lets me know I’m loved.


Here with this press of people – there is no greeting, no look up to see me coming – no me except in a sea of we.


I’m flying home today and will hug and kiss my hubby – then I will laugh and wiggle and jump around with my dogs because that’s what they will be doing – all at the sight of me.


You might not be able to buy happiness however I know my pets are worth every penny I spend to keep them healthy.


I also know that simply thinking about them has lifted my mood and I’m nicer to all these people because at the end of this trip I’m back with my pets and they aren’t worried about how silly it looks to wiggle and jump and race around in excitement –


We all might be better off if we acted that way more with each other.


Remember, you create your day by the way you think. Make it magnificent!


Blessings, Shawna

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