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Nostalgia in a Casserole

By Chocolateandoranges
nostalgia in a casserole
Tonight I tried out a mushroom casserole from Super Natural Every Day.  The recipe was based upon a very similar one here which Heidi said reminded her of her childhood.  I knew this would be similar to the 'chicken stuff' casserole my mom makes from the ingredients but I was blown away by just how simliar it was.  I've always liked the casserole but never asked for the recipe because it involves multiple 'cream of...' campbell's soups which are a bad idea for many reasons (preservatives, sodium, etc.).  This was a totally healthy version that hit all the same notes though so I'm super excited to have a way to bring back the memories without the guilt!  My only complaint was that the onion taste was way too strong for me, I think part of the reason was that I used my mini prep to dice the onion and let it go too long until it was almost paste-like which seems to intensify the onion flavor at least for me.  I think next time I'd dice larger and reduce a bit.  My version still tasted good but let's just say I won't be bringing it to work or eating it on a day where I might be spending time near anyone I don't know very well.   
I served it with sesame kale based on this Whole Foods recipe which was great as well, I skipped the garlic mostly out of laziness and used half the lemon juice & tahini but it still worked out well.
Once again I failed to plan ahead for a long prep & cook time and had a pre-dinner salad while it was cooking to tide me over.  Next time I'll try to make the night before and just throw it in the oven when I got home.  Amazingly though, when I was on vacation I actually found myself itching to cook something which would have NEVER happened to me just a few months ago, so I must be starting to get the hang of this whole making your own food thing. :)
nostalgia in a casserole

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