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Non-Gym Tire Workout

By Balancingonhoney @balancinghoney

It has been four months since my gym membership at the YMCA expired. At first, I was ok with it. I was training for my half marathon, so I was running outside a lot, doing occasional at home circuit workouts, and staying active at the barn. As the summer gets hotter and my workouts begin to look like the same thing, over and over, with few alterations, I am really starting to miss the gym. The classes were great for when I lacked inspiration, and it is so much easier to take it inside when the afternoons are blistering. Instead of coveting a gym membership, I decided to suck it up and wake up early to go to my favorite non-gym location.  The field right next to the YMCA has a tractor tire that I can use for a satisfactory outdoor workout.


A few of the places I am considering to workout at are:

  • Crossfit Texoma
  • The YMCA (again)
  • MSU’s Wellness Center

It probably wont happen for a little while, but I am investigating my options!

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