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Nolan is My Eternal Love.

By Shivam Ralli @shivamralli167
I am a man with a mission. 
I have taken it up to myself that this world needs a new hero who will share knowledge with people who are in desperate need of it. 
Recently, I have realized that people are in a dire need to know about their future and how they can prevent the accidents which are going to take place in the coming future. So, I plan to become a guide for them. I will be the first Travel Weaver. A person who views their life story and chooses a path for them to travel them on... 
'And CUT.'
I glanced up from speaking the words into the microphone and glanced at my friend, Ravi. He had beads of perspiration on his for head and his tee had a darker shade than before. He was wearing a light gray reebok tee and black Manchester United boxers which failed to hide his muscular thighs. He was an athlete- a runner -  and a had a good figure. He was nearly as tall as me, that is nearly six feet and two inches. He had stormy gray eyes and long and lanky hair which made him look like a shady person.
So, what we were doing currently was a plan which we had finally -  after long hours of painful discussion and debates- put it into action. We were creating our first movie. Well, a short movie of about thirty minutes. It was based on how I and Ravi had taken up a mission in our lives that we had to promote a director called Christopher Nolan. We were seven when we first saw his flick aptly named as batman begins.
Well, no other person in my eyes is a better role model than him. I strive my best to be like him, that's why the travel weavers short film. That flick was mainly our idea for his next movie. We wanted him to make a movie like that. Something fictional. Something full of fantasy. Something which will make everyone want to be in that story.
We both don't know why we took on that mission, maybe his movie inspired our younger selves. Maybe we wanted to become a person like Bruce Wayne. I don't know. We both wanted to live inside multiple dreams like inception. We both wanted to travel through a wormhole- even though we knew that our race wasn't that advanced yet. When we learnt that it was not yet known whether there were wormholes or not, mine and Ravi's hopes were shattered. Our dreams were ruined- they were only revived when the idea of travel weavers revived them.
That's why, we both couldn't sit tight when we heard that someone else hadn't heard of Nolan. It made us irritated and we always replied with asperity in our tone. We mocked the guy. Yes. We knew that we shouldn't do that, but we still do it.
One of the recent arguments we had was who was going to star in TW (travel weavers) who was going to be the one whose face Mr. Nolan would see.
Ravi had won that argument. His statement ( I can never forget it.)
'Aman Verma , look at yourself. You are a freaking hot bastard who is unfortunately my best friend. You have girls trailing behind you in the school and yet you hide behind that uncrackable thick layer of ego. You are the best looking chap in our year with those locks and your muscular build. Damn. If I were gay, I would have claimed you. Now, get up and ACT!'
Yep, now you might not judge me for acting.
Our TW plot would have remained a story had not Ravi got a Tata Sky transfer box. I didn't know what that meant before Ravi got  a perfect quality flick of Inception.
That day it made me go mad that one could transfer shows from the tele to your mobile. A mind blowing concept.
We carried different movies of his in our pocket and requested ( rather forced)  people we knew to watch his movies in front of our eyes. We didn't have a personal  laptop  between us. Difficult to take in, yeah?
It was the day I realized that I wanted to make TW a reality and hoped that Mr. Nolan might turn TW into reality. Sigh. Our wishful thinking.
I hoped it turned into reality one day. I have to sleep right now. Another shooting of TW tomorrow.
Hope you see our show on your tele one day.
The Tata sky transfer we were talking about. Nolan Eternal Love. Nolan Eternal Love. Nolan Eternal Love. Nolan Eternal Love. Nolan Eternal Love. Nolan Eternal Love.

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