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By Waiterstoday @Waiters_Today
OK, so the other night I am working my regular dinner shift at a family restaurant and deli. The place has been in business for 25 years, and his highly regarded by many in the local area and beyond. Things have definitely been tough the last several years, and the owner is trying to bring this place back to life
So he hires this new manager for the dining room, to bring a new prospective and to energize us
Back to my story. So i bring to the attention of the manger that my table who ordered 2 burgers, one medium and 1 rare, were both returned for being "undercooked" even though they were pretty textbook definition rare and medium respectively. We promptly brought them back to the kitchen, and it was corrected, guests left happy and satisfied.
The next day he conducts a pre-shift meeting. At the meeting he issues a new procedure that we servers have to start to implement with respect to guests who order a rare burger.
The new procedure is "if a guest order a burger rare, we should inform the guest that they should reconsider how they wish it cooked, as many guests don't really like their burgers rare"
This was not what I had expected would be the proper management response, but who am I to argue, as the manager knows best, right?

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