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Noah Maddix: Turning Frowns Upside Down

By Maddixfamily31 @inthemomentprod

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on the blog.  What can I say; life just gets in the way sometimes.  So, I guess this entry will be more of a catch-up to where we are with Noah today. I’m not sure if I mentioned it before but Noah does have a mutated gene.  So, there is something there that is causing his delays in development.  Does that mean Lowe?  We still don’t know.  We have finally done the test on Noah.  That was hard.  It was a skin biopsy on his upper right arm.  Now, the piece of skin is at Baylor re-growing to see if a particular enzyme is functioning like it should.  If it isn’t, he has Lowe.  We were told to expect 6 weeks to hear anything and it’s been 2 weeks.  Only a month to wait… 
He is taking more strides in his weekly therapies!  Every week I am amazed once more at what he can do with just a little help and then soon enough, not needing that help anymore!  He’s standing now, with just a little help still but when he gets in his walker, he can move a few steps forward and backward completely on his own.  I am thinking he may skip crawling all together and go straight to walking.  He HATES the crawling position and often just collapses as if it’s the most terrible position to be in.   After he gets out of that position, he’s just fine and all smiles again.  Silly boy.  He’s also got a new game he loves to play and that’s with this big, stuffed, soft, ball with tags all over it.  You roll it to him and he pushes it away and then puts out his hands out to get it back.  He gets such a big kick out of it and that smile and laugh still get me every single time. 
My husband is home now and actively searching for a new job.  I am too, however, I do wonder what would be best for Noah.  For a parent to stay home and help with his exercises or put him in daycare so he gets the interaction of other babies his age and that may actually be beneficial for him.  I just don’t know what the right answer is there so I’m praying that God will lead me and my family in the right direction.  That’s all I ask.  I just want him to lead me and I’ll figure it out from there. 
I’d LOVE to have the money to get my business off the ground but alas, money is still very, very tight and we’re both wondering how we’ll make it through the rest of the year.  
Please keep us in your prayers and for little Noah.  That super, sweet, boy deserves nothing but the best—in love and in medical care.  It seems no matter who meets this little man, an instant smile is put their face.  That’s my boy!  
Noah Maddix: Bringing daily smiles to those who need to turn that frown upside down. Noah Maddix: Turning frowns upside down
Stay in the moment people, Jenna

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