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Stomach Strikes Again!

By Maddixfamily31 @inthemomentprod

Stomach strikes again!Well, surprise for us, we ended up in the hospital with Noah this weekend and we're still here.  This is now day four.  He was admitted for dehydration, however, it's the cause of dehydration as to why he's still in the hospital.  We've been through days of medical jargon, multiple tests and x-rays to still not have a defined answer.  Extremely frustrated at this point.  Each set of labs that were done over the last few days come back with different numbers and considered abnormal but when it's done again, the numbers are different, so it's hard to tell what Noah's average numbers are and what's really abnormal.
Noah was supposed to get a G.I. Tract test done at Texas Children's Hospital this week however, because we're still in the hospital, there was no way he was going to make that appointment so they ended up doing it here at the hospital today.  I'm praying that something will show up.  Not that I WANT anything to be wrong but that we can finally get some answers as to why the last two weeks, he would throw up at least once a day and now to the point where he can't keep anything down.  He now refuses to eat.  We can't be released from the hospital until he does begin to eat again.  He got sick again today even though he had not eaten anything.  It was the Pediasure from the evening before that never digested and just sat in his stomach for 14 hours before it decided to come back up.  Sounds fun, right?
All I want is to be able to figure out how to care for our son the best we possibly can.  If we can get some defined answers and know how to move forward with those answers, I'll be a happy mama!  I really don't want to visit hospitals every few months for all-of-a-sudden dehydration.  Contrary to popular belief, hospitals aren't that much fun.  I personally wouldn't recommend it unless necessary.
Kidding aside, it's been a rough few days trying to figure out what is currently going on with our sweet, little man.  I just want that sweet, sweet, smile looking up at me again!  Hoping to hear some results in the morning and also hoping little man decides he's hungry and eats so we can head home with all of us under one roof again!
Staying in the moment (although VERY tired),

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