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No.7 : The [ALMOST NOT] Hair and Makeup Trial!

By Claire

I almost had a heart-attack on Wednesday. The first truly awful wedding-related stress hit me when my hair and make-up artist cancelled my trial at less than 24 hours notice. I kid you not. My mum had travelled for four hours to join us already and my bridesmaids and I had booked time off work and we had been looking forward to this day since it had been booked in January. I was told by the hair and makeup artist, let’s just call her Failgirl, that I had to remain flexible because she might get called away for a shoot even though the trial was booked. I didn’t think it would actually happen – and I thought she’d be decent enough to let me have AT LEAST 24 hours notice! And she told me in a text rather than having the courtesy to speak to me on the telephone. THE CHEEK!

So cue me almost having a heart attack. The day I had planned with all the travel and work arrangements and all the excitement was fading into the distance. But I had an idea.

Failgirl said she wanted to rearrange the trial, however I didn’t feel happy involving someone in my (quite unstressful up until now!) wedding day who I felt I couldn’t rely on and who had let me down. So I asked her if she would find me someone to do the trial and the wedding. She said give her an hour.

I waited an hour an a half and still hadn’t heard from her. So I took matters into my own hands and started texting every Manchester-based makeup and hair artist I could find through Twitter and Google searches. After sending all those texts however, Failgirl telephoned me back and – I couldn’t quite believe it – had found me a replacement for the trial and the wedding day. Phew. Everything happens for a reason I guess!

So it all went ahead as planned!

Emma, who took care of all the makeup, brought along someone she regularly works with, Sara, to do the hair. Even with two girls in action, the trial took almost 5 hours with only four of us having hair and make up done – and on the day there will be five of us! (My other bridesmaid, my sister is currently in Australia.) And so if Failgirl had been here on her own, it would have taken even longer, and she hadn’t considered bringing along someone else. So I guess I have her to thank in a way for it working out so well! On the wedding day itself we’re going to have to get started at 7:30am as we’re getting married at 12pm. That’s quite an early start even for weddings I think!

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