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No Way! Norway’s Prime Minister Drives A Cab To Campaign!

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

Reuters reports that as part of a campaign for reelection, the Prime Minister of Norway drove a taxi cab around Oslo, not revealing his identity unless passengers recognized him.

3 Places We Wouldn’t Want A Politician Driving The Cab

1. Toronto, Canada. We’re not saying this because the Mayor of the City apparently thinks it is okay to read and drive. Rather we are saying this because he uses campaign slogans about stopping “the gravy train” which means we’d worry that gravy and conductor impersonations would be involved. And in a country where people put cheese curds and gravy on french fries, that seems like a legit concern!

2. Washington, D.C. We already know that Congress would love to create gridlock by driving cabs down D.C.’s tricky maze of one way streets. But do you really want to be in a cab with Senator Carl Levin, whose combover will keep reminding you that you’re stuck going in circles in a roundabout.

3. New York City, NY. If Anthony Weiner was driving your cab, the good news would be that if you’re a British tourist, you wouldn’t have to worry about voting for him. The bad news is you’d have to listen to his bad British jokes, like in the video you can view here, where he attempts to give a mock British weather forecast. Here’s our forecast for Mayoral Candidate Weiner: Cloudy With No Chance of Laughter!

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