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No Snood For You!: FIFA Bans the Snood

By Niccoloc @Soccerwrapup

No Snood For You!: FIFA Bans the Snood

Tevez will have his snood ripped off personally by Sepp

The snood was a symbol. It was omnipresent in the Premier League, with just about every Manchester City and Arsenal player wearing the warm neck circlet. As I write in mock outrage regarding FIFA's lightning-quick decision to ban the snood (and all evil which comes with the piece of clothing), there's a part of me which writes in actual outrage. What are these people doing at FIFA?
Thinking about it, it must be a dream job. Watch soccer/football, meet up every once in a while to chat about how you're not going to allow video-technology, and make irrational decisions regarding things like the snood. Is there a better job? It seems like Sepp Blatter has little on his mind other than the "dangers" which accompany the snood:
"There was not even a discussion because this [the snood] is not part of the uniform and it can be dangerous,"
There's more, not only did FIFA and IFAB have a few chats regarding the snood, but there were also decisions made regarding tights or shorts. This is FIFA's full statement regarding snoods and other things they probably should care less about:
"In other business, it was unanimously agreed by the board that the wearing of snoods will no longer be permitted from July 2011. Mr Blatter said: “It was not even a discussion because this is not part of the equipment and it can also be dangerous”. While the IFAB also agreed that the colour of undershorts or tights worn must be the same colour as the shorts."

Finally FIFA have made this rule regarding the tights. Praise Sepp Blatter, the fans's prayers have been answered! No more tights or undershorts which are a different color as the shorts! Phew, that's good.
No Snood For You!: FIFA Bans the SnoodI'm not sure if many remember, but a season ago Arjen Robben was in a strange situation. The Dutch winger had a lucky pair of grey tights, which he wore underneath his shorts and socks to keep himself warm during the chilly games. Yet the German federation was not happy with the color of the tights, telling Robben to either dye them red (in order to match his kit colors) or get a new red pair.
So what was the point of all this? There was no point! All of this bureaucratic and systematic control over fashion on the field has no point! The tights! The snood! What will it be next? Will FIFA ever run out of ridiculous things to talk about? And someone please explain to me how can a snood be dangerous?

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