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No Small Challenge, Nirvana: by Caryn Dudarevitch

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

Our guest blogger today is Caryn Dudarevitch once again, this time coming to you from her other page Focus On Insight, which is wonderfully insightful, as well as her inspirational Facebook page with the same name. This post and the information contained within has always fascinated me and is an extremely interesting read! Enjoy~

EA - levels of consciousness

Raise your level of consciousness and you will better connect with the universal energy.  I learned this the other day and it is an incredible concept.  We often rise to the levels of love, joy and peace but we rarely stay at that level.

Imagine, though, if you were to hover closer to these feelings on a daily basis.  What a spectacular life that would be.  And in imagining this state or truly being in it for just a moment, it becomes clear why your connection to the universal energy would be heightened.  The energy of that state, even if only reaching the very edges of it, is something of nirvana.  It is no wonder that people spend lifetimes cultivating this state, attempting to reach even higher!  Sadly, I have also learned, the average person usually only increases his consciousness by 5 points over his entire lifetime.  No small challenge, nirvana.

So do everything you can to keep yourself from dropping into lower states of consciousness.  It is far too easy to be human and to fall into a trap in the moment.  It is very important to avoid it.

Take advantage of every opportunity to elevate your level of consciousness above your typical state.  And actually experience the moments.

Learn to appreciate your moments experiencing the highest levels of consciousness – joy and peace. Remember them, envision them and seek ways to experience them – as often as possible.

Find a daily prayer or meditation practice, whatever you are comfortable with, and commit to it.

Every step you take to a higher level of consciousness brings you a closer personal connection to the universal energy.  Looking at levels of consciousness from such a profound perspective makes me appreciate the amazing gift of being human.

Image via Power vs Force by David Hawkins

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