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No Return Contact

By Spearcarrier @rainbowprophet

Well, I haven’t heard back from Coulton – which doesn’t surprise me. He’s a pretty popular guy and his inboxes are probably filled with love letters, marriage proposals, and screaming fan orgasms. I had once sent him an email myself thanking him for putting out French and never got a reply – not that I expected any but I have to admit other popular people I’ve contacted at least said “thanks”. :-)

Anyway, it’s not even been 24 hours since I sent my message.

However. However, but, well there is this: The fact remains that he posted on his Facebook this morning in order to promote his current Kickstarter campaign. So the fact is that he did indeed sign into Facebook since the time I sent my message. And the fact is that he has not replied. Maybe he didn’t see my message past all of the others he probably has. Who knows. The fact remains that the signs point to “yeah, fat chance honey.” =^-^=

So I’ll research the parody laws to make sure I’m within “not trying to insult you” rights for a bit and just use my tambourine. Moments like these I want to go back in time and bitch slap my mother for not letting me join band in Jr. High. Or bitch slap the bill collectors for not letting me have the time to learn music late in life. =^-^= Or something. I’m not sure how this song will turn out, if it does at all.

While doing research on public domain melodies last night I came across a fun ditty called “Jeff in Petticoats” from the American Civil War era. Now I know most folks want to slit their wrists to popular Irish ballads and being a member of the SCA means I’m somehow expected to concentrate on songs from an earlier period in time but this little ditty seems like it will be fun to do. That’s one advantage to the SCA bard clique never letting me join: I’m not tied down. I’m like Dr. Who. I go whenever I want to. BWAHAHAHAAA

But I need to spend some time reminding myself of the parody laws first.


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