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Move On

By Spearcarrier @rainbowprophet

I’ve been sitting on this for a couple of years now. It’s a filk based from Johnathon Coulton’s Want You Gone from the Portal 2 game. The reference is the book Everafter by Kim Harrison.

I tried recording it, going to keep the official recording only here, but it doesn’t sound right no matter what I do. In the instrumental versions I was able to find, the sound is very techno – considering the original is from the point of view of a testing robot. In my version, I would prefer a simple guitar. I don’t play guitar. I barely play tambourine. So uh… can’t happen.

So here are the lyrics and a raw recording of me just singing it. And I am… moving on.

Moving On

Now you’re leaving again.

I thought we’d last forever

I couldn’t see you for what you really were.

Then I fell for your tricks

And when I started falling

I found my heart falling down out of the bliss of love

You got your little life still

How is that working out?

I’ll just leave you to live it

Cuz I only want to move on.

What the hell is the deal?

You need to find a hobby

Something better then selling bits of me

You’ve ruined so many lives

I hope there is some justice

Maybe what you did to us happens right back to you

God what did I see in you?

I can’t remember now.

They say you’re Newt’s familiar

But I only want to move on.

If it were not for Trent

You’d be a rotting carcass

But I guess I have things to thank you for

I’ve learned a lot by you

Made friends with elves and demons

And found a new resolve I thought I could never know

Go live your life’s disaster

I’m only moving on

Seems you’ve got a real problem

But I only want to move on

Now I only want to move on

Now I only want you gone.

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