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No Pressure

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey guys. I should warn you that I’m starting this post Thursday evening and posting it today, Friday. What can I say, I like to keep it complicated like that.

My eats today weren’t that exciting. I had Wendy’s for lunch and tuna sandwich bagel thins for dinner. I ate a cookie the size of Jupiter and a strawberry nutrigrain bar this afternoon.

No pressure

The chocolate chip cookie was the best part.


No pressure

I wasn’t fibbing about the size. For real… Jupiter!!!

I did another epic workout at Snap Fitness tonight!

No pressure

Yay for iPad pics while on the elliptical-thingy…

I finally used my spy powers and took pictures of this crazy machine. If you know what it is (and tell me) I’ll be forever in your debt and I’ll digitally fight all your arch nemesees for you.


No pressure
No pressure

Hmm… Any ideas??

I definitely like it and the more I use it the more I think it comparable to the elliptical that I oh so love… And lust after. I want one in my garage!!!

No pressure

Not too shabby. I definitely made my 30-50 point EasyFit goal with a whopping 47 points. Booyeah!!!

Lately running has exactly negative 58% appeal to me. Which is kinda weird because I really like running. I don’t know… Here’s my thinking…

Do what you want! I call it Intuitive Working Out. Do what looks good just do something for at least 30 minute a day.

No pressure. it’s my new life mantra.


I was actually hungry at breakfast time this a.m….

I know, it’s madness. Being hungry at breakfast is so… Normal.

No pressure
No pressure

I decided to give the Subway breakfast a try. I had the Mornin’ Flatbread sandwich with egg and bacon. I decided to go with egg whites since I need more protein and less fat in my diet (sad face). It’s uber tasty!!! The flatbread is bomb dot com!

I also had some joe which was not that great. :-/

No pressure

I really like Seattles Best so this was very disappointing. Oh well. It’s Friday (which means BBQ for lunch!!!!), it’s sunny as the desert in July, and I have the All Star basketball game for the South team to coach tonight. Life’s looking pretty darn good right about now.

In the words of my grandpa “if that unfortunate cup of coffee is the worst thing to happen today then you’ve had a pretty good day.”

Tell me about you!!! I want to know…

What’s your life mantra these days?

Do you have a special eat to celebrate Friday?

BBQ from Salinas City BBQ. We go every Friday at lunch to have brisket.

Wo are you rooting for to win March Madness?

Syracuse… The orange is so cool!

What are your plans this weekend?

Chores and finishing the hunger games so I can see the movie

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