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No-pierce Earrings

By Trierton @MISC_blog

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No-pierce Earrings

I recently stumbled upon these “ear cuffs” from These cuffs promise a “no holes, no posts, no clips” experience in glaming up your ears and I think it has potential for those people who just don’t want to go near the piercing gun or, goodness forbid, manual metal skewers.
No-pierce EarringsAs for me, I haven’t tried ordering from them online but I probably will once I set up my PayPal. Yes, they accept PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. They also have retail stores all over the US so drop by their site to check out their products.No-pierce EarringsFor people outside of the States, there are other options like some sellers in Etsy and Multiply so just flex your search muscles to find more accessible options.There you go. Hope that helped!

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