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No Name

By Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

No NameSince the beginning of organized Religion, the human race has been fighting over who is correct in the matter.  Palestinians against the Jewish Religion.  The Jewish Faith against the Islamic Faith.  Islams against Christianity, and it goes around and around and around.  Why are religions at war with one another?  Have we forgotten what we learned from these cosmic forces that created us?

The Name of “No Name”

There are so many names for “No Name“, as I like to prefer to call the cosmic forces that created our universe and us, as a result.  Many prefer God, Yahweh, or Jesus.  A lot like to call the powers at work Mohammad, Moses, Buddha, Allah, and so on.   This higher being actually has over 99 names. If we had a religion based off of every single name that represents “No Name“, we would be arguing until the cows come home and probably end up killing each other.

The Holy Land

In many religions, Jerusalem, Israel has been considered holy, sacred land from the beginning. The Islamic Faith, Judaism and Christianity all believe that this area is holy.   Wars have torn the surrounding areas apart for decades because of the fight to occupy this divine area in Israel.  Over the city’s history, Jerusalem has been destroyed twice.  If so many religions consider this land holy, why not treat it as such?

The Right to Religion

One constant argument that has torn people of different religions apart if the right to practice your religion.  Many Christians believe that the Islamic Faith has no place in American society.  Extreme Islams persecute those who even try to practice Christianity or their own form of Faith.  Many of the main stream religions demonize other types of religions, like Spirituality, Atheism, and Rastafari Religion.  Why should we argue about how, where, when and why we speak to “No Name“?  Can we cannot connect with our higher power in our own individual way?

It doesn’t matter how we do it, but we need to connect to the higher being that watches over us. We should learn from Yahweh, Mohammad, Jesus, Buddha, Allah and all of the 99 names “No Name” bestowed upon us.  We need to learn to treat others the way you want to be treated and come together as human beings.  It doesn’t matter what we call our Higher Power, what Religion we practice or who should be in control of the Holy Land…. all that matters is that we come together as a single species and continue to look up, in any way that we like.

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