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No More Red Skin!

By Bambileigh

Does anyone else have red patches on their face for no obvious reason?
…I made that sound worse than it was – but certain sections on my face are always red looking and I just don’t know why. I’ve tried switching make up, switching cleansers, switching moisturisers, wearing no make up, wearing loads of make up – it just doesn’t go away!

A year or two ago I bought a product by L’Oreal that reduces shine. It’s a really good product and I don’t know why it never occurred to me that if they have the brain cells and know how to get rid of shine that they may do a product that gets rid of redness…



I already use a BB cream foundation – why did I not think of CC cream?! Sometimes I amaze myself. I really do. This cream has cleared up all the redness and made my face return to a normal human colour without having to pile loads of product onto my face!

When I bought this I didn’t realise it was a foundation – I don’t really know what I thought it was… all I knew was that it claimed to anti your redness issues. I had a little shock when I used it for the first time though as it comes out green (again, why did I not know this was going to happen?!) and it looks a bit orange when you start to smear it onto your face, but when it’s all blended in it looks great!

All this time of redness problems and a tube of £9.99 wonder cream make everything better! Who knew?!

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