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No Fixing Necessary

By Healingyoga

There's a lot of talk about living your best life and being your best self and improving yourself. Take a look at the Self-Help section in the bookstore. Whoa -- that's a lot of books! While I appreciate the desire to improve oneself, I can't help but ask if this has been taken to the extreme. Where's the line between self-acceptance and wanting to be a better person? Does this set us up on the cycle of more, more, more, better, better, better? Is it a case of being so focused on the destination that we lose out on the beauty of the journey?

This happens in yoga quite a bit. We want to get better -- we want to be more flexible, we want to master a pose, we want to improve our strength, our body, our mind. I'm not saying that striving is bad, but it sure can be exhausting. What if we balanced it out with a little rest -- a resting into who we are now and how we're showing up on the mat today. Acceptance balanced with striving -- what a concept!

If you'd like to transcend the "I need to fix it" mentality, check out this free yoga download, Yoga to Support Optimal Mental Health with Amy Weintraub. It offers a side of acceptance with your striving.



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