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No. 3: The Theme-ish and My Messed Up Face

By Claire

Days to go: 73

I was planning on raving how excited I am about my engagement shoot this Friday – but I’ve had to cancel it, as last week I came down with shingles (completely random and meant for people over 60) and my whole face is a complete mess. I have a swollen eye, swollen left side of my face, boils, sores, a constant splitting headache – and every time I stand up I almost fall over.

This is not good. And there are like, two months to go.

So I’m on complete bed rest and anti-viral tablets – and by some stroke of luck Richard has a week off work – and he’s waiting on me hand and foot to ensure I make a speedy recovery. Let’s hope I do. With our schedules I think we’ll have to wait until April to have the photo shoot – but at least the weather should be better!

I thought I’d let you know about our little musical touches on our tables today. I wouldn’t say we conforming to a ‘theme’ as such, so I’ve called it a ‘theme-ish’ to pull things together.

Musical Tables

As opposed to musical chairs?

We have our little pianos and guitars which will hold our guests’ name-cards (as we met whilst he was playing guitar and I was playing keyboards in the same band!):

Piano place-card holder
Guitar place-care holder

We’re not having favours as such, but our personalised guitar plectrums (that we are still waiting to receive) will be scattered on the tables for people to take home if they wish:

Personalised Guitar Pick
Also, amongst some red rose petals, these little heart cut-outs of vintage music (which I found on will be scattered on the tables:

Musical Hearts

Our table plan will be constructed mainly of more vintage music which I found on eBay – and each piece of music has the word ‘love’ in it! Here’s one of them:

Love Song

So that’s your little sneak peek of our theme-ish! Let me know what you think – and also if you have any other ideas for me!

And please take a moment to send a little wellness fairy my way… as I really need to get better NOW!

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