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Nioxin System Four: Let Me Explain...

By Kelly Speechless @KellySpeechless
Why do you say use only 4? Im contemplating about using 7...which is the category my hair falls in. And can i skip the scalp treatment? on Nioxin-What Works Series Post 1: Shampoo & Conditioner. Anonymous 
Dear Potential Nioxin Virgin,
Thank you so much for leaving your comment. I should have explained myself and it needs to be addressed. All the systems are awesome and I would use anyone of them. With that being said I use system four because its the best. Not just for my hair type. For every hair type. If (God forbid) System four was discontinued I would still use Nioxin, but number four is just better. I am also going to share a little bit about really quickly about my hair as a Nioxin virgin and my hair using Nioxin three years later.
Once upon a time my natural hair color was dark brown. Instead of wanting to slowly get highlights my heart had been set on becoming a full blonde since I received my first American Girl Doll Kirsten at age eight.
Age 18-Fried, damaged, shorter, fried, bleach blonde hair.

Nioxin System Four: Let Me Explain...


Within six months using Nioxin my hair was literally looking this good.
First of all,
Product DetailsAll Nioxin products are fabulous and all of them I would recommend. With that being said, I am always blatantly honest. Nixon level four combats every hair issue with a high level of power and an even higher level of conditioning balance. The other system levels are built to go up in number as you go along, and work better with certain hair types and really well on Men's hair. Since level four does a better job at com-batting each and every hair issue your going to get a better result. Level four is just the best period! I know certain systems have certain types of hair applied to what works best for you. It just so happens that four works better overall, and worth your while to prove me wrong.
Keep your receipt. Get system four and if your not in love in a few washes they will accept a return of exchange in which you can get a different system number. Also, I know level four says, "for noticeably thinning hair," but my best friends hair is really, really thick and she swears by level four. Plus always save the receipt for a week out of habit anyway-Nioxin is to important and too expensive not to keep it.
I want to tell you the best way to give you what you want and that is why I think everyone should start and try out number four before going to what they think their hair best fits to by description. A lot of people who don't start with level four don't see the effects in enough time and go back to their normal shampoo and conditioner.
Tips for Nioxin Regimen
Buy 2 big liters and 3 if you can-Nioxin is pricey but they have huge size liter options that last forever! The only problem is that the scalp therapy always runs out way faster than the shampoo. So your best bet in terms of saving money and getting more for your money would be buying a liter set of the Scalp therapy system cleanser and scalp therapy and one more bottle of the scalp therapy.
Take a before and after picture: The first time you use Nioxin blow dry and flatten your hair and take picture. Write down the date. Just to get the most visual change possible wait three months and take the after pic.
Leave me a comment and tell me how it goes.

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