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Nightlife Going Digital

By Micmad @immicmad
Most would say nightclubs and nightlife are a personable business, most things being done with a handshake maybe a greased palm and a smile. However with the world going digital even that personal touch that usually accompanies nightlife is getting lost or changing altogether. The digital age is has moved into the nightlife in more ways than one, from new VIP tables and services to services being offered through a digital format. This video explains how the table service works and is how it is being used commercially.

In Orlando the touch tables are being used at Club Touch (no pun intended), in the VIP table sections only. This service helps keep patrons entertained when they are not dancing or pouring up another drink. They actually have interactive flirt options for other VIP tables, you can chat with a group of ladies or guys in other VIP sections of the club. This is a new way for patrons to mingle and interact with while in the club. The VIP tables allow you to upload photos to the table to share via Facebook and Twitter. This VIP table technology has helped in a bevy of ways, one enabling suppliers and advertisers to introduce their brands to consumers and advertising can help propel extra sales for the club. Touch Taste Technology, Inc also states that their touch table technology has, "enabled bars and restaurants to increase average check amounts, and increase service with ease and precision." 
Nightclubs were slow to jump on the digital bandwagon, a majority of them never had to utilize those services for them to be successful. However, with everything else going digital it would only be a matter of time before they too would migrate into the digital age. There has been a recent influx of nightlife deal/booking websites. Sites like NiteTables.com, ClubHost.com, VIP-Bottles.com, and more are popping up in all markets including top and second-tier. These VIP table services allow any patron the ability to buy a discounted VIP admission, bottle service and more. Some services allow you to check out the venue ahead of time and see any dress code or pre entry requirements and book everything on the spot from your Smartphone, laptop or home CPU. Not all of the sites are discounted or deal based, Adam Alson, founder of NiteTables.com, which allows participating venues to select if they're going to offer special rates. "Eventually these places will start using some sort of technology, whatever that may be, but something that makes their reservation process more efficient will ultimately make them more money" (Evans 2011). Some of the upscale and trendy clubs will join in on the digital craze or may get left behind depending on gorilla marketing and word of mouth to pack the house. Reef Mowers, president of Clubhost.com, which runs discounts often, summed up the digital nightlife swing optimistically, "We don't need every venue in existence. Our customers are happy to go to any place that is fun" (Evans 2011). 
I believe this is a new revenue stream for an old source of income alcohol. Nothing has changed other than the way the consumer decides to order the services. The VIP touch tables allow for patrons to order more mixers or bottles if the night is going well which is always great for the bars bottom line. The next time you are thinking of going out for VIP services you may want to try online to get a better deal. Nightlife Going Digital
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