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Nightclubs Trade Groups & Status

By Micmad @immicmad
The nightclub trade groups can help with the Status Vodka brand in a variety of ways. The website www.nightclubs.com has a website dedicated to keeping club owners, managers as well as others interested in the latest trends up-to-date. This can vary from profitable promotions so you know what's going on as far as important days and holidays for bars and clubs. Tips for managers and information about new products, featured recipes and also includes a blog titled Bottle Service. The last Bottle Service entry was titled Vodka's VIP Treatment. This article supports why now is a great time for my brand, Status Vodka, and our push for the number one spot within the vodka ranks. As with any ROI (Return On Investment) you go with what can maximize your profit margins. The facts given in the blog from Sebastien Lefavre, the general manager of GoldBar in New York City was all in favor of Vodka. Lefavre attributes 75-80% of all of GoldBar's table-service sales to vodka. Vodka is what Lefarve calls an effective bottle to buy. The math works out so that the clients are getting about 16 drinks per bottle, given a 2-ounce pour per drink. On the other hand with Champagne, you're not getting the same bang for your bucks. You'll only get five glasses with a bottle of bubbly; everyone has fewer drinks. Of course, the upside of that situation is that clients will sometimes end up buying more pricey bottles of bubbly. Lefarve explained how the profit margins are lower with Champagne than vodka, or even any other liquor. Bars will buy high-end Champagne at up to $100 per bottle before they sell it to the client. The vodka costs the bar significantly less. Status Vodka can take advantage of these tips as well as the featured recipes section to help promote the brand within the nightclub owner community. These facts along with the blog can be referenced to help usher new sales in other markets. With a continued push through marketing, product placement and Internet marketing Status Vodka will become one of the top brands in a crowded field.

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