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Next, Eau Nude Perfume

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab
I had a genuine episode yesterday when I realised my favorite bottle of perfume (CKin2u) had ran out completely.. For any of you who have had this perfume before you'll know that although pretty, the fact the bottle is encased completely in solid white isn't helpful when trying to keep track of how many spritz you can ration!   I'm a serial over sprayer of perfume so not surprising that my perfumes tend to last a small period of time, but this has come at the most inconvenient of times as I'm currently brassic & have no money to buy the big expensive bottle I so desperately want..   SO.. I decided to go down the cheap route and raided Next earlier for a small bottle to tide me over until I get some more wonga.   Next, Eau Nude Perfume Next, Eau Nude - £6.50 - Buy it here -   Now on the website it says £10 but I assume that's because its the larger bottle. I however am a cheapskate & had to buy the cheaper option (just so I could buy some stir fry with that extra £3.50 for tonight tea)   I was surprised at how long it actually took me to pick my way through the fragrance section. I remember years ago when the only one available to me in my local store in Cheshire was 'Paradise' - which is still going strong several years on. But my new local store in Huddersfield has a whole wall display dedicated to several of their perfumes!   It wasn't too hard for me to choose mind, I literally picked up Eau Nude & was shocked to find it smelt almost exactly the same as Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. Another one of my favourites as it reminds me of my Mama, so it was pretty much a sign I had to buy it.  Plus you can't argue with the massive gap in price!   In some of the reviews I have noticed many think the bottle is old fashioned and lacks imagination. And although I have to agree with the comments about simplicity, personally I like that. I think its a classy looking bottle & the little tag/bow around the neck is adorable!
Next, Eau Nude Perfume   Next have a whole range of products to go with this perfume, I was eyeing up the face mask, but of course, food is more important. So maybe next time. However again I was reading some of the reviews and I have to admit with one from 'vicky1994' , The perfume doesn't smell in any way like a 'blend of lush red fruit" but it is a very strong feminine scent that I wouldn't recommend to anyone who is into soft florals. However if you're a Coco Mademoiselle girl, I'd definitely recommend this one if you're on a tight budget like me!   Next, Eau Nude Perfume  

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