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By Bertyc @bertyc
What a great day today. We traveled over 600km, which puts our average speed around 75km/hour. We’re still in 11th place with Aviva just in front. Tomorrow is looking good. We have 560 km to go. If we can keep up 75 km/h we will be there by 4pm. Forecast is favourable, but we’ll see more cloud cover as we approach the coast.
We have the U of T team not far behind us – I think only 40km. We really want to be the top placed Canadian team out of the six of us, so we’ll have to be quick and efficient tomorrow. Not much word on the rest of the Canadians but we did hear the first place team – Nuna – finished tonight. And our good friends at Stanford rolled their car today. All are ok, but they are trailering for a bit. Team is pretty shaken up after watching it.
It’s late and I need sleep. Tomorrow is a critical day. We need to make it – Saturday’s forecast has a low pressre and cold front moving in – bound to make a terrible finish day for a lot of teams.

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