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By Jenrene

Newness. It feels like SPRING!!

I was speaking to my husband today about making some things new in my life. I have pursued a few new things this year and at the beginning of the year you would have never told me I would be ending 2011 like this.

Here’s my bone of contention, though  when it comes to new things… Why does all the things we desire to be new have to involve discipline, commitment and  hard work? It seems like we don’t really get GOOD things unless we put the energy and the effort into it. That’s cool and all, but  it’s not the easiest knowledge to swallow. I was also talking to him about FAITH. And how faith and discipline combined,  allow for GREAT EXPECTATION in the things we pursue – and we often find  blessing in this, because we are LOOKING for it. Attitude has EVERYTHING to do with how you receive blessings.

So, I made some GOALS at the beginning of this year with a group of twelve women. I will share some of them, really soon. But right now  I will  begin sharing  two of them.  I am enjoying the blossoming effect that’s occurring because I made  a decision to pursue my goals. This newness is making feel purposed and  like I am here on earth for a reason and offering up something GOOD.

One of the special things I committed to doing, involved  working on some social media influence and creating new  and fun activity with others. By golly… didn’t it turn into something long term!  I really enjoy the work, and it’s connecting me with people in a way that involves stories and  new, meaningful information . It feels good, because  I have never done it before and I started out in the beginning of the year , just wanting to learn and it grew into something now where I can influence lives through reading and writing! There are other added benefits, but that’s main one,  and now  it’s turning into a obvious passion of mine!

Another awesome goal I had was to “work on my sexy”.  ( Yea, I  said it on a blog that is committed to God.) God created sex, so it’s not such a big deal!)  The deal withi this goal is turning into quite an adventure. I am learning more about myself and what makes me feel attractive. I love it, and Am finding the more study I do, the more I feel and like myself. And that’s pretty cool. I’ve been  in expectation here, and some things have been coming to me lately through  other’s beauty I admire and I am welcoming new ideas. Selah. (Pause and calmly think of that.)

So what’s new and different for you  THIS YEAR and what have you pursued this year that you didn’t expect to yield such awesome results?

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