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New Year: No Resolutions, No Regrets

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

New Year, No Resolutions, No Regretsshawana2014

It’s been 15 days since the 2014 New Year hit. Happy New Year to you all! I had to get that out  of the way before the New Year becomes not so new anymore. There’s nothing like someone wishing you a Happy New Year in April because they haven’t seen you in forever. Scrap the happy New Year wishes and ask how they’re doing instead. Anyway, I hope this year brings many blessings and much success to all who reads this.

Last year, I learned quite a bit about myself, I stepped out on faith a few times and accomplished all of the goals I set for myself. I learned the true meaning of how people are placed in your life for a reason and how speaking positive affirmations towards yourself and others have a positive affect on your life. I made no resolutions for 2014 and I have no regrets for saying or doing anything that may have pissed someone off in 2013. The older you get the less you care! However, in 2014, I’m sticking to the three core lessons I learned this year.

Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed

If you don’t ask for anything or go after it; you won’t get it. It’s amazing what you can accomplish simply by asking. Yes, we may get some no’s along the way, but getting told no is a part of life. You have to go after blessings. You can’t sit there and look cute hoping that something will fall in your lap. Something that is for you is normally not easily obtained.

If You Don’t Stand for Something You’ll Fall for Anything

There are two character flaws that make me ill; People who don’t stand up for themselves and people who don’t know how to use the word no. People with these traits set themselves up to be taken advantage of and mistreated. Some of the people in your life will run you crazy because they know they can. People either push you along or hold you back. There’s nothing wrong with saying No, there’s nothing wrong with saying “that’s some BS” and there’s nothing wrong with thinking about you first. People will get over it! You don’t have to be good to people who aren’t good to you. There is no reward for being nice

Sometimes You Have To Jump off the Building

The most valuable lessoned I learned in 2013 is NO RISK, NO REWARD! Sometimes you have to take a huge risk in order to get the reward. You have to step out on faith and have faith that you’re doing the right thing. Being afraid to take a chance will often get you left behind. Singing the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve blues will leave you with a life of regrets and who want’s that? Go ahead and jump!

New Year, New Possibilities

What did you learn in 2013?

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