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New Washing Instructions

By Golfrefugees

How do you wash your synthetic ‘plastic’ sport clothes? Easy, just stick them in the washing machine. Well yes, that will make them clean, but at the same time they will shed thousands of microplastic particles which cause significant pollution to our oceans and marine life. They may even find their way into the air we all breathe. Leading sportswear brands and their sponsored athletes have been silent on this issue. Their collective abject silence has left it to others to find potential solutions. From next year you will be able to purchase and use a microfibre catcher, a small sphere that will cruise around your washing machine and collect synthetic microfibres. This product will go on sale next spring, and it will cost between $20 and $25. Roughly every six to eight weeks, users will have to send their filled catcher for safely disposing of the microfibres and receive a new catcher back. This is a problem that we’re all part of, everyone who wears synthetic clothes and then washes them, How many of us will be willing to purchase, use and return a microfibre catcher? Please note this only refers to synthetic fiber clothing, as natural fibres are biodegradable

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